In the data exposure of year, enterprise data is growing fast. Company needs an efficiency way to manage and secure the business properties, such as Contract, Financial documents, Customer files, Project documents, and HR documents.

The reasons you should know!
  1. Enhanced Security, Protect your information access subject to the user's role and content classification.
  2. Easier Retrieval, with powerful advanced search, users with access are easily to locates information base on index or keyword instead of navigating by memories.
  3. Efficient Business Processes, Workflows allow documents/Requests to be automatically routed through a business process based on rules. For example, a Workflow can send an invoice around the business for approval prior to payment or send reminders to employees that they need to renew a contract before it expires. 
  4. Improve Data Accuracy, everyone accessing or update information in same central repository with version control instead of multi-location such as mailbox, chat room, fileserver, etc.
  5. Increase visibility, Reports provide information in an easily understandable format about business processes.

Our solution is fit for any departments who need to keep information/documents. in addition, it allow different department users to work together thru workflow processes to streamline their work!

With the powerful GUI base designer, it allows administrator or Power Users to build and configurate what fit to their business requirement with No/Low Code technology.
Build your own working place!

We have comprehensive modules to handle different kind of document to help auto filling and indexing easier. such as AI Invoice capture, paper documents capture, API, eForm, Electronic Document Import (such as Word, Excel Template, PDF/A3) from Cloud Storage, sFTP and mailbox monitoring.

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